Stari Grad Brass Orchestra Concert

9th of July, 2016 at 21:30 Concert of Stari Grad Brass Orchestra & Faros Cantors on the Škor Square.

Stari Grad Brass Orchestra, established back in 1876, celebrates 140 years of continuous activity. The Orchestra, with its tradition is a proud of inhabitants of Stari Grad. The first bandmasters were Czech - Sanitrak, Fronek, Svoboda and Jelenek. Stari Grad Brass Orchestra has had many guest performances outside Croatian borders (Rotterdam, Praha, München, Beč, Velek Opatovice, Letovice and Boskovice), takes part in all state, folk and church holiday celebrations. Many generations of Stari Grad inhabitants have expressed their love for music in the so-called mužika (Town Music Stari Grad) whilst some of them began their professional careers right there. Today’s bandmaster, Luki Gamulin, also grew up in Stari Grad Brass Orchestra. 

As a part of 140 years celebration of foundation of Stari Grad Orchestra, the second Concert dedicated to this great anniversary will be held on 9th of July, 2016 on the Škor Square together with guests male vocal group  Faros Cantors.

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