Dear sea lovers, WE  INVITITE YOU to participate with your boats and crews in this joint, grand and unique festival. In addition to the specially designed entertaining and competitive sailing programme, expert symposiums and cultural happenings, entertainment programmes and the presentation of Croatian maritime culture, during the Festival Stari Grad will be in the centre of attention of Croatian and European maritime experts and lovers of the sea and boats.
In addition to the exceptionally favourable conditions for participation, we shall endeavour to be the best hosts possible for you and we shall use every opportunity to secure a professional organization and show you our traditional joy of hospitality. We are looking forward to see you in Stari Grad at the Festival ‘Days in the bay’ – Stari Grad 2017!

Maritime Festival „Dani u Vali“ – Stari Grad 2017. (Days in the Bay) will take place 14 - 17 September 2017. in the maritime zone of the Stari Grad bay (Vala), the largest bay on the Croatian island of Hvar.


14th of September (Thursday)

10:00 Exhibition opening: Models of traditional boats & photo exhibition by CRONAVES and Velimir Lojpur in Čitovnica

11:00 Exhibition opening: Maritime Heritage of Stari Grad in Stari Grad Museum

12:00 Opening of the Festival Village 20+ and presentation of participants: maritime associations Lađari Neretve, Ars Halieutica, Latinsko jidro and guests from Italy maritime association Vele d'Epoca verbano

16:00 CROATIA – Homeland of the Sea, presentations and lectures in Čitovnica

Participants: High School Jelsa, Milojko Glasović , Željko Jerat

19:00 „Aperitivo Italiano“ presentation of association of Vele d’Epoca Verbano, Italy on the Velo Podloža Square

22:00 Welcome coctail in Sailor's Club

22:00 – 01:00 Music evening in Sailor's Club

15th of September (Friday)

11:00 Opening of the 2nd International Maritime Festival: Days in the Bay 2017 on the Tvrdalj Square

10:00 – 22:00 Festival Village 20+: presentations, lecuters, exhibitions on the Velo Podloža Square

11:00 Island of Hvar Kindergartens performances  on the Tvrdalj Square

11:30 Promenade sailing of the boats in the Stari Grad Bay

16:00 – 19:00 CROATIA – Homeland of Sea:  Lectures on Croatian maritime heritage by Robert Mohović , Jakov Karmelić and prof.Aldo Čavić in Čitovnica

17:30 Concert of klapa Faroski kantaduri, Galešnik and Kaštilac on the Tvrdalj Square

18:00 Traditional boats rowing regatta in Stari Grad Bay

19:00 Hvar Wine Tasting on the Novo riva

19:00 „The way life used to be“  -  performance by amateur theatre Petar Hektorović   in Stari Grad Theatre

20:00 Concert of Brass Band Stari Grad on the Tvrdalj Square

22:00 Night parade of the boats:“ Dance of the sails and light“

22:30 – 01:00 Music evening in the Sailor's Club; Mate Carić, Gold Saxophone

16th of September (Saturday)

08:30 Mass for seafarers in the church of St. Nicholas

09:30 Traditional boat regatta in the bay of Stari Grad

10:00 – 22:00 Festival Village 20+ , lectures, exhibitions  and presentations

12:00 Regatte of boats model – JK Zenta  in the  Stari Grad Bay

16:00 CROATIA – Homeland of Sea: lectures on Croatian Maritime heritage in Čitovnica

17:00 Concert of folklor dances by KUD Šaltin, KUD Starogrojčica, KUD Jelsa on the Tvrdalj Square

18:30 The closing ceremony of the festival Days in the Bay  and announcement of the traditional boat regatta  winners

19:00 Aperitivo Italiano“ presentation of association of Vele d’Epoca Verbano, Italy on the Velo Podloža Square

20:00 Concert of folklore group Moreška and Šaltin on the Tvrdalj Square

22:00 Night parade of traditional boats: Dance of the sails and light & Fireworks

23:00 Music evening in the Sailor's Club

17th of September (Sunday)

10:00 Closing day of the 2nd international festival Days in the Bay


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